Top Colleges To Study in Kenya

In Kenya, today, having tertiary education is very vital, and the Kenyan government has put in place many measures to make sure all students can attend various tertiary institutions. The government has made tertiary education very affordable and has established many colleges and universities.

In Kenya today, students who do not qualify for slots at the various universities get a chance to attend colleges. However, with the many colleges in Kenya, it is very vital to do a thorough background check of the college you plan to attend. Before choosing a college, there are various factors you must consider, such include: the quality of education offered, the reputation of the college and also the course you desire to take. This is because some colleges specialize in providing particular courses;

For example, a college may only be offering only medical courses. This article aims to take you through the top colleges in Kenya.

Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC)

KMTC is a college that offers medical courses, and its primary aim is to produce qualified health professionals. This college accommodates over 34,000 students and offers over 70 medical courses. Each year, it can produce up to 8,000 medical professionals. It has 65 colleges all over the country and offers certificate, diploma and higher diploma courses. This is seen to be the best medical college in Kenya and contributes up to 80% of medical professionals in Kenyan hospitals.

Kenya Utalii College

Utalii College is known to produce great professionals in the hospitality and tourism sector. From its establishment 47 years ago, Utalii college has produced over 60,000 professionals worldwide. Utalii offers certificate courses, diploma courses, and also degree courses with its collaboration with the University of Nairobi. In addition to the hospitality and tourism courses, Utalii offers courses in Japanese language and International Travel Agency Training (ITAT) training.

Kaimosi Friends University College

Kaimosi Friends University College was initially Kaimosi Teachers College, which was a constitute college of Masinde Muliro. It offers up to 45 courses in certificate, diploma, degree, masters, and doctorate levels. It has schools like; the school of science, I.T., business, and education. Before completion of degree and masters courses, students write a thesis. Additionally, for the award of a good doctorate from this university, PhD thesis writing is critical.

The university college insists that thorough and effective research must be done.

Kenya School of Monetary Studies

The Central Bank of Kenya started it to increase capacity in the financial sector. Initially, this college offered short courses in management, but it currently offers diploma and degree courses. It offers courses in the field of banking, economics, and finance. Additionally, it offers postgraduate courses in conjunction with Moi University and Jomo Kenyatta University of Technology (JKUAT).

Kenya Institute of Management (KIM)

In Kenya, KIM is known to be the college that offers the best training in business, management, and consultancy. It offers courses at certificate and diploma levels in management. Its main aim is to develop management skills in their students and to make them have a competitive edge at the marketplace.

With this in-depth discussion on top colleges in Kenya, I believe you will make the right choice while choosing the one to attend. Choose wisely.