Kenya – most celebrated cultural festivals

The diversity of Kenya makes it home to some of the most significant cultural events. These cultural activities attract visitors, including tourists from all over the world.

There are approximately 47 tribes in the country, and this contributes to the diverse cultural activities that are usually commemorated in many towns and cities in the country. Besides celebrating different cultural events, the country is endowed with an array of tourist attractions that earn it a bountiful foreign exchange from visitors all over the world.

In this article, we will learn about popular cultural celebrations that the country appreciates.

1. Lake Turkana Festival

The El Molo dancers are a spectacular team that graces the Lake Turkana festival which usually happens in May every year. The festival usually brings together approximately 14 communities that dwell around Lake Turkana. Marsabit County is a famous county around Lake Turkana where most of the community members reside. The festival is usually marked by colorful celebrations from several ethnic communities that live close to the Lake Turkana region. The festival serves to ensure that the different ethnic groups stay and work together by advocating for peace, unity, and reconciliation.

2. Maulidi Festival

The Maulidi festival is a celebration that is popular among the Islams. The festival is usually celebrated in Lamu County where Muslims gather to celebrate the birth of Prophet Mohammed. Maulidi Festival is celebrated on the third month of Rabi ul Awwal (Muslim calendar). Muslims from across the world attend this festival to engage in various activities such as henna competitions, donkey races, swimming contests, and Swahili music dances. The festival is critical because it enhances oneness in the Islam religion.

3. Lamu Cultural Festival

The heartbeat behind the Lamu Cultural Festival is the appreciation and recognition of how life and culture were in the ancient days. The festival is usually held in November every year where people engage in donkey races, bao games, Swahili literature, and henna painting competitions. Most people staying around Lamu appreciate the peaceful and relaxed lifestyle of the Swahili people staying in Lamu. To spice up the festival, the Swahili people usually prepare delicious cuisines that are enjoyed by the attendees of the festival, which lasts for around three days.

4. Safaricom International Jazz Festival

The Safaricom International Jazz Festival is another remarkable festival which is among the biggest in the country. It is in this Jazz Festival that the lovers of music get to behold live Jazz performances from some of the country’s most celebrated Jazz artists. Besides local performances, the festival has hosted famous Jazz artists from all over the world such as Chris Bitok, Jonathan Butler, Kunle Ayo, and Jimmy Dludlu. Renowned local Jazz artists who have been performing live in this festival are Kavutha, Eddie Grey, and Aaron Rimbui. The festival has been a vital tool that has helped promote harmony in the country.

5. International Camel Derby Festival

The International Camel Derby Festival is held annually in August in the northern part of the country. The festival features some of the most colorful, adventurous, and thrilling camel races in Africa. However, the camels’ races are not only recognized in Africa but also across the entire globe. It is in the streets of Maralal Town where most of these races take place.

In summary, whatever the festival you decide to attend, you are always assured of feeling the warm and cordial hospitality of the Kenyan people.