Best European Family Festivals to Attend

Family festivals are essential because they keep us bonded together in love and unity as a family. Not only do they glue us together, but they also provide platforms where we get to enjoy and have fun as a family. On top of that, the festivals help us connect with our long-time friends in a manner that we cannot explain.

It is through such festivals that we get to revive broken bonds with our loved ones and re-ignite old bonds with our friends and extended family members. And who knows? Maybe your family will experience an even stronger relationship by having a fun family-day-out at one of these exceptional festivals:

1. WOMAD 2019 Festival

The Womad 2019 Festival is scheduled to happen from 25th- 28th of July 2019 at Charlton Park. The outstanding thing about the Womad 2019 Festival is that it will entertain families and children with breathtaking music from different cultures across Europe.

In past Womad Festivals, visitors get welcomed with cultural performances that make them appreciate different cultures and traditions. The atmosphere of the festival is always safe for both parents, teenagers, and small children. Your children will enjoy delicious and spicy meals and experience the thrill of gliding on giant trapezes and flying on Aerial Bug Fun.

2. Body and Soul Festival

The festival will happen in Ballinlough Castle, Co. Westmeath from June 21st – 23rd 2019. The festival welcomes you and your family members to an exciting and elegant experience that will fill your hearts with great joy.

From pleasant surprises to yoga and creative programs, Body and Soul provides a platform for your family to enjoy in the woods as you listen to thrilling and exciting stories. Body and Soul has a Soul Kids section that is safe and fun for small children. The festival has outdoor games, hula hoops, and spicy foods all prepared for you and your lovely family.

3. Groove Festival

The festival usually takes place every first weekend of July. The celebrations happen at Killruddery House & Gardens. Groove Festival is spiced up with fun activities that will make your hair stand.

The event is always full of great programs, music, and magical wonders that will thrill you and your children. Your children will have opportunities to create fantastic personal arts and behold a magical world that is full of acrobatics and magic. In addition, great soul-soothing music from renowned Irish legends will fill the atmosphere.

4. Latitude Festival

The Latitude festival will happen from 18th – 21st July 2019 at Henham Park, Southwold. The park is full of a wide array of fun activities for you and your children. Your children will get to enjoy an exciting pond dipping and bushcraft skills that will leave them smiling all night.

Teenagers will get to enjoy stylish workshops and funny films. Children, on the other hand, will experience a dancing thrill in kid’s disco and star gazing areas.

5. Tollwood Summer Festival

The festival is scheduled to take place at Olympiapark Sud in Munich from 26th June to 21st July 2019. At Tollwood Summer Festival, you will enjoy the world-class theatre productions from Jazz and Rock stars from all over the world.

Most of the activities at the festival are offered at subsidized prices to prevent you from straining your budget. Tollwood Summer Festival has exciting activities for children ranging from art making from garbage to DIY and Bungee-Trampoline swings.

To summarize, the family festivals mentioned above will provide memorable entertainment for you and your family. Why not try them out?